How do I know if I have a real emergency?

An emergency is when immediate police, fire, or medical assistance is necessary to protect life or property.

If an emergency situation arises, ask yourself one important question. Is there an immediate need for police, fire, or paramedics to protect or save life or property? If you can answer, "yes" to this question, then dial 911.

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1. How do I know if I have a real emergency?
2. What should I tell the dispatcher/operator when I call?
3. Should I hang up or stay on the line?
4. If I accidentally call 911 should I hang up?
5. Should I dial 911 if I have a non-emergency situation?
6. When I call 911, am I calling the agency that I need for my emergency?
7. When I’m on my cell phone, will dialing 911 call my hometown emergency service agency?