Trash Service

Pick-up Schedule

Monday:   Garbage, Vegetation, Bulk
Thursday: Garbage, Recycling

Our collection company is Waste Pro of Florida, Inc.

Garbage Service

The City offers in-ground container service. Use of these receptacles is encouraged.

For households without in-ground receptacles, do not bring containers to the curb.  

  • Your containers must be screened from public view, watertight, and with tight fitted covers. 
  • The containers are to be accessible for collection from the backyard or side yard on the designated collection days, without the necessity of unlocking a door, fence, gate, or similar obstacle. 
  • Containers shall be screened from public view from the adjacent right-of-way or neighboring property. Screening may consist of obstructed view behind the residence, screening material, or hedge.


  • Recycling containers shall be placed by the underground containers or with the above ground containers in the back or side yard and properly screened from pubic view.
  • Replacement containers are available at City Hall or by calling the Solid Waste Authority at 866-639-2467.


  • Vegetative waste generated by the homeowner may be placed at the curb at noon on Sunday for Monday pick-up. Until then, it must be screened from public view from the right-of-way adjacent to the front yard.
  • Landscape debris generated by a paid landscape maintenance company must be removed on the day of generation by the maintenance company. Failure may result in a charge for special pick-up and/or a Code violation.

Bulk Items

Bulk may be placed curbside at 5 p.m. on Sunday for Monday pick-up, with the exception of  the first Sunday of the month, when it may be placed curbside at noon.

Missed Pick-Up

To report a missed pick-up, click on the "Report a Trash Issue' button below or on the home page, or call 965-1744 x112. Please report your miss as soon as possible to ensure a timely resolution.