Standby Generators

Required Information

  • Completed Permit Application
  • Fuel Specification - Fuel tank/lines shall be shown on survey (separate permit required)
  • Generator Pad Specifications - slab shall be four inches concrete minimum
  • Generator/Transfer Switch/Panel Manufacturer’s Specifications
  • Photo Showing Location of Generator - shows relationship to structure, neighbors, and the road
  • Riser Diagram & Load Calculations - List all selected loads to be served per National Electrical Code 702.5
  • Survey Showing Generator Locations with Dimensions - Generator shall be located ten - feet minimum from structure openings (show openings on survey), and must show plan for shielding from view

Procedure for Required Generator Inspections

  1. Slab
  2. Electric Rough
  3. Gas Rough
  4. Gas Final - Gas Final for Tank includes:
    1. Tie down
    2. Bonding
  5. Electric Final
    • Is done at the same time as final generator
    • Electrician is responsible for calling in the final generator inspection
    • The final inspection includes the landscaping and shielding - If this is not in place, the inspection will fail and a re-inspection fee will be charged