Flood Warning System

The City has a Emergency Notification system that will notify of pending storms, residents can sign up for this service by filling out a form from City Hall or by going to Atlantis Alert . In addition, copies of Palm Beach County’s Flood Warning Program are available at your nearest county library. The Palm Beach County emergency alert information can be found on their website Alert PBC

National Weather Service

Palm Beach County Emergency Management maintains direct contact with the National Weather Service. Local television and radio stations will broadcast hurricane associated flood warnings 36 to 48 hours prior to the flooding event.

When the National Weather Service forecast intense rainfall, our drainage system can be lowered in an attempt to receive the extraordinary volume of water expected. During periods of prolonged rainfall, areas of the county are kept under surveillance and reported to the Emergency Operating Center. When advised of problem areas, response actions will be taken.

Utilize TVs & Radios

When you detect street flooding in your own area, tune to a television or radio station known by you to have an active news bureau. You will be advised of measures you should take to protect your property and yourself. If you have a weather band radio, tune it to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, weather radio frequency 162.475 to receive local weather updates.