Flood Safety

There is no substitute for advance planning and preparation. Be aware of what steps to take to minimize your losses due to flooding.

Take Inventory

Prepare and annually update an inventory of all personal property with descriptions and photos, store drinking water in clean containers, keep a portable radio and flashlights on hand with fresh batteries, and have adequate first-aid supplies on hand.

Pay Attention to TV and Radio

The local television and radio stations will warn you when it is necessary to secure your property and evacuate. 

Dangers of Electricity

Live electrical lines cause most hazards. If it appears that floodwaters will enter your home, turn off all electric and gas service. If you find that water has entered your home, do not touch electrical switches or appliances to either turn them on or off.

Outside, avoid any pools of water in which a downed power line is laying. You must assume that all downed power lines are energized. Do not drive through a flooded area.

Create a Personalized Disaster Preparedness Plan

To create a personalized disaster preparedness plan for your family and/or business, please visit the State of Florida Disaster preparedness website.