Drainage System Maintenance

The Lake Worth Drainage District maintains the lateral canals In Atlantis. The Public Works Department maintains the remaining swales and storm drains.

Obstruction of Drainways

To reduce the risk, severity or duration of flooding, it is vital to maintain the water-carrying capacity of the drainage system. Florida law prohibits the willful obstruction of our drainage systems and provides both civil and criminal penalties for anyone convicted of such a felony.

Report Debris

Anytime you see debris partially or completely blocking a storm drain opening please remove and dispose of the debris or call at the City at 561-965-1744. It is illegal to dump or throw anything into the ditches and canals.

Report Illegal Dumping

If you see anyone disposing of anything, including liquids, trash, vegetation or any other debris into any component of the drainage system please report it immediately to the Atlantis Police Department at 561-965-1700.