History of Atlantis

Initial Acreage

Atlantis was originally an 834-acre development was formerly known as Mulberry Farms and owned by former State Senator Philip D. Lewis, who formed the Mission Company to raise Brahman cattle. In 1958, Nathan Hunt and Paul Kintz purchased this 828-acre ranch and the remaining two parcels along Lantana Road. With engineers Brockway, Weber and Brockway, as well as Designer Ernest L. Green, they sought to develop what is known as one of the most aesthetically beautiful country club communities in the country.

Early Development

Early development in 1960 and 1961 included the Atlantis Inn and Golf Clubhouse, along with the first 18-hole golf course.

First Council

Having been granted its charter June 19, 1959, the first Council was appointed and consisted of:

  • James Kintz, Mayor
  • Nathan Hunt, Vice Mayor
  • Paul Kintz, Councilmen
  • Marjorie Hunt, Councilmen
  • William Blakeslee, Councilmen