Architectural Review Committee

Committee Openings 

In April two regular seats and the alternate seat expire. The City Council will interview new applicants at their March meeting and make the appointments in April. Contact the City Clerk for the application.


  • 8:30 a.m. (unless otherwise noted)
  • Every Wednesday
  • City Council Chambers
    260 Orange Tree Drive
    Atlantis, FL 33462


  • John Everett, Chairman
  • Richard Brown, Vice Chair
  • Catherine Burger, Member
  • Benjamin Peterson, Alternate

Duties & Responsibilities

Establishment / Appointment / Terms

The architectural committee of the City of Atlantis, Florida is hereby established and shall consist of three members appointed by the city council for terms of two years. An alternate member may be appointed by the city council for a term of one year. In the absence or disability of a regular member, an alternate member, if appointed, shall be called to sit and act in his place by the chairperson of the architectural committee. 

Organization / Qualification of Members

The architectural committee shall elect a chairperson and a vice-chairperson to preside at its meetings. Whenever possible, the members of the architectural committee shall consist of persons who are currently involved in or are retired from the architectural profession, in some manner, i.e., an architect, a landscape architect, a person with expertise in landscaping or horticulture, or a person connected in some way with the building/construction or engineering profession. 

Powers & Duties / Plans & Specifications

The architectural committee shall review every application for a permit to erect a building, sign, or structure of any kind, whatsoever, or to alter, remodel, repair, or change the exterior of any structure within the city, including satellite dish applications. The architectural committee shall also review every application for the installation of permanent emergency electrical generators on any property within the city. For purposes of this chapter, any such generator shall be considered as equipment and not as a "structure;" however, a building permit for installation is required and all building code requirements shall be met. Every application for permit shall be accompanied by two sets of detailed plans and/or detailed specifications. No application for a permit shall be deemed proper before the architectural committee until all plans and specifications, when required, including landscape plans, have been provided as herein set forth and reviewed by the building official. The architectural committee shall function as the final decision-making authority with regard to approval of matters set forth in this section. If an applicant disagrees with the decision of the architectural committee, such applicant may appeal this decision to the city council. When a decision is so appealed, the city council shall act as the final decision making authority with regard to the matter appealed but may not waive requirements specifically set forth in the code. The applicant shall have thirty days from the day oft he decision of the architectural committee, exclusive of the day the decision is rendered, in which to notify the city manager, in writing, that the applicant desires to appeal. The city council shall act upon the appeal within forty-five days of the date notice is furnished to the city manager, exclusive of the day on which the notice is furnished. If the applicant is seeking a variance from code requirements as opposed to review of the architectural committee's decision, application must be made to the Atlantis Board of Adjustment in a timely manner as set forth in section 15-9 of the Atlantis Zoning Code. 

Criteria for Board Action

  • The architectural committee shall review applications for building permits for any structure subject to its jurisdiction as set forth above. In reaching its determination, the committee shall consider the following:
    1. Whether the plan for the proposed structure or project is in conformity with good taste, good design, and in general, contributes to the image of the city as a place of beauty, spaciousness, harmony, taste, fitness, broad vistas, and high quality.
    2. Whether the proposed structure or project, in its exterior design and appearance, is of a quality such as not to cause the nature of the local environment or evolving environment to materially depreciate in appearance and value.
    3. Whether the proposed structure or project is in harmony with the development or proposed development in the general area, with the comprehensive development plan of the city, and with the criteria set forth in supplemental district regulations as may be amended from time to time.
    4. Whether the proposed structure is in conformity with the standards of the code and other applicable ordinances in so far as the location and appearance of the buildings and structures are involved.
  • The architectural committee shall likewise review applications for permits to install permanent emergency electrical generators subject to its jurisdiction as set forth above. Prior to approving the application, the committee shall confirm the following:
    1. That the generator proposed for permanent installation is a fully enclosed model.
    2. That the plans for installation minimize the visual impact on the adjacent properties with the use of appropriate sight screening.
    3. That the generator is not installed in any front yard as defined in the zoning code. Such installation is strictly prohibited.
    4. That sound attenuating materials have been used to screen the generator to insure the reasonable containment of sounds which will be created by the operation of any emergency electrical generator.
    5. That any application approved for the installation of an emergency electrical generator shall include the requirement that maintenance and "exercise" of the installed generator shall be limited to once per week, Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm with such period not to exceed sixty minutes in duration, and that generators may only be used during periods when electrical service to the property has been lost.

Denial / Findings of Fact

If the application is disapproved by the architectural committee due to noncompliance with the criteria set forth hereinabove, the architectural committee shall detail in its findings of fact the criterion or criteria that are not met and that need to be met in order that the applicant might obtain approval. The action taken by the architectural committee shall be set forth in writing and signed by the chairperson. 


The architectural committee shall meet on a regularly scheduled basis no less than two times per month. Additional meetings may be held at the call of the chairperson, if necessary. All meetings shall be open to the public. Failure of the architectural committee to make a decision within forty-five days after an application has been deemed complete by the building official and is properly before the architectural committee shall be deemed an approval of the architectural committee. 

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