Atlantis Police Department Chief BadgeMission Statement

To affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to members of our community.

Chief of Police 

Robert G. Mangold


The City of Atlantis Police Department was formed in 1959, with a full time Chief of Police and two part time police officers. Police department staffing consists of:

  • 11 full time Sworn Police Officers
  • 1 part time Sworn Police Officer
  • 4 full time Communications Dispatchers
  • 3 part-time Communications Dispatchers
  • Support Services Manager-Crime Analyst- Records Custodian
  • Fleet Manager

Minimum staffing requires that two officers be on duty at all times, with additional personnel available as needs and scheduling dictate.

Rank Structure

The current rank structure of the department consists of a Police Chief, Sergeants, and Police Officers. The department is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Police Department has always embraced the philosophy of community oriented policing, long before this concept became a “buzz word” in law enforcement.

Technological advances, such as enhanced E-911 dispatching, Reverse 911 emergency automated community notification, and gatehouses equipped with security cameras and license plate recognition software help to insure a high level of security for the residents of Atlantis and assist the department in the accomplishment of its mission.



Officers patrol in sport utility vehicles and marked and unmarked sedans. All marked vehicles are equipped with mobile in-car video equipment, laptops with mobile crime data capabilities, radar or laser traffic equipment, a crime scene kit, and photography equipment.

Emergency Medical Technicians

As all officers are required to be Emergency Medical Technicians, each vehicle is also equipped with emergency medical supplies such as a first aid kit, oxygen, semi-automatic defibrillator, and other equipment to enable officers to respond to a wide variety of medical emergencies.


A number of officers are also certified fire fighters and these officers carry their fire gear and are ready at a moment’s notice to switch from law enforcement to fire rescue duties.

Other Roles

Officers are proficient in a number of police specialties; they may be assigned as:

  • Crime Scene Technicians and/or Photographers
  • Criminal Investigators
  • DUI/Traffic Enforcement Officers
  • Evidence Storage Technicians


Members of the department have also attained certification as police trainers in a number of disciplines, including:

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Ethics
  • Expandable Baton
  • Firearms
  • Human Diversity
  • Pepper Spray
  • Taser

Department trainers instruct outside the agency as well as in, providing training to basic recruits at the police academy, and officers at other police agencies.


The Police Department provides many services to residents and visitors of the City. These services include:

  • Bicycle and stranger/danger programs for children
  • Crime prevention security surveys for homes and businesses
  • Security and police expertise for special city events
  • Security checks of closed homes and businesses


While the Atlantis Police Department is a relatively small agency, the department is actively involved with other local police agencies in countywide enforcement initiatives such as:

  • Multi-Agency Auto Theft Task Force
  • Multi-Agency Robbery Task Force
  • Palm Beach County Multi-Agency Gang Task Force
  • Palm Beach County’s Child Protection Team
  • Violent Crimes Task Force